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An overview of our services

EP Service offers a wide range of services for the industry. As specialists of forklifts trucks, shelving systems, offset printing machinery and paper machinery, we offer maintenance and inspection of forklifts, lifting equipment, storage racks and equipment for the printing industry.

Furthermore, train your employees in the use of forklifts, lifting equipment and cranes.

In detail, EP offers services:


EP service is a service partner for the installation of your printing machines, paper machines, compressed air systems and storage racks as well as for their repair and maintenance.

UVV inspection

Further, EP service offers the UVV inspection of shelving, forklifts and lifting equipment.
On the basis for the guidelines for storage facilities and equipment, of the Federation of Trade Associations (BGR 234).

Per that they must be audited by a qualified auditor at least once a year.

After verification of defect-free devices we note the check in the check book of the device and update the seal.

EP Service checks:

  • Shelves according to DIN EN 15635
  • Forklifts according to FEM 4.004
  • Lifting equipment and load transfer agents by the operation and safety regulation BGV


EP service trains forklift drivers locally, in your companies .

In the same course hazards and safety issues are identified, removed and fixed in your storage area.

On request, we also conduct annual safety instructions by your employes.

Safety Instructions

Knowledge of:

  • KBA Printing machines Ra 162-105
  • Fold gluing machines mountain Jagenberg
  • Punching machines: Bobst 142-102, 1600 Asahi III, Klett
  • Spiess feeders from 1971 to today
  • Laminating: Stock-Asitrade


  • Forklift driver training according BGG 925
  • Lift driver training according BG 966
  • Crane operator training (Tower-, Bridge- and Loading Cranes) according BGG 921
  • Mandatory annual briefings by BG rule and guidelines of ArbSchG § 12

UVV inspections

  • UVV forklifts accordingFEM 4004
  • UVV shelves according DIN EN 15635
  • UVV lifting loads-equipment according Industrial Safety Policies

Spare Parts

  • Remakes
  • Used Parts


  • Paper machines
  • Offset Printing Machines
  • Punches
  • Laminating
  • Air systems

Repairs, inspections, spare parts procurement (partly by PRS3)

Help in assembling new engines and relocations of machines.