EP Service, Edwin Petry – Certificates

Our training and education certificates.

Continuous learning and continuing education is particularly important as an instructor, a security expert and service provider for accident prevention checks.

We are constantly keep our knowledge up to date and attend training courses and seminars on important areas for our company.

  • BG Print and Paper
  • TÜV Saarland
  • TÜV Rheinland
  • FEP
  • ALUP

BG ETEM Certificate
Certificate to carry out training and instruction on forklifts and material handling equipment.

BG ETEM Certificate
Certificate of a training seminar for trainers of forklift trucks and material handling equipment.

Training as Sprinklerwart
Course to become a Sprinklerwart at CALANBAU. Ability to monitor and maintenance of sprinkler systems and the maintenance of the security.

TÜV Saarland Certificate
Qualification to perform tests on Floor Conveyors.

Training on offset printing machines
Training for maintenance and operation of large-format Rapida printers.

Executive training
Seminar on Leadership Development at Brohl.

Training at ALUP compressors
Training Certificate of maintenance and repair of screw compressors at ALUP compressors.

Certificate of a Compressed air training
This seminar covered the complete training in order to calculate compressed air systems as well as to plan, build and maintain their safety.

Certificate of Training at a KSR-2 units
This seminar included the operation, maintenance, installation and troubleshooting at KSR-2 units.

TÜV Saarland
This certificate allows us to audit shelf installations.

Professional association for printing and paper processing
Certificate of basic training for safety officers.

Professional association for printing and paper processing
Certificate of secondary course for safety officers.

BG ETEM training
Training for safety officers at the BG ETEM.

TÜV certificate
Test according to the EU machinery directive for machines and equipment safety.

STILL Service-Training
Training for service staff of STILL forklift trucks.

TÜV certificate
Test to qualify Service Personal to check hoists and lifting equipment.